4g/3g Failover on the 600 series controller

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Question:  How does 4g/3g failover from wired uplink happens on the 600 series controller?


This article applies to ArubaOS versions 6.1 to 6.3
         vlan 1 (dhcp)
   650 --------------------àswitch-------------àwired corporate network
 |                                   link A                                link B
 |------------------------àWired client (Printer) Vlan-1
 |                                              link C
 |à(USB) Wireless uplink using 4G or 3G
                                       link D
When connection to internet is down (Link B); uplink port on Grenache is up but internet connectivity is down (Link B) however the failover does not occur to wireless uplink (4G)
Usually , failover to wireless would be needed when internet connectivity is down however there is no health check mechanism (like pinging a public known IP/Gateway/DNS) in order to identify the internet is Down.
i.e..If we have wired uplink has a priority of 200 and 4g/3g uplink (link D) has a priority of 100; when we unplug the wired uplink (link B) or if it goes down, the controller does not failover to the 4G/3G uplink since the uplink connection (link A) to the controller is still up.
Let’s consider scenario if we have another wired link (printer) connected to the controller directly so in this case both the wired links are on the same Vlan (1); even if the primary uplink connection (link A) vlan-1 when down the  failover would not happen; since we still have printer on the same vlan 1 which is up.

Only if we unplug the printer's wired connection to the controller, which is of the same vlan (1) the failover to the 4G/3G uplink will happen and the route tables would be updated accordingly.  

Currently this Is working as per design since we don’t have an health check mechanism to detect the internet failover.

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