600 series Aruba Controllers running ArubaOS 6.3.1.x fail to perform local file upgrade from WebUI.

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment  : This article applies to Aruba Mobility Controllers running any version of ArubaOS 6.3.1.x


In the process of meeting up new enhancements and customer requirements, additional features make their way into software. Addition of each new feature make the software heavier occupying more amount of space on the memory.

Image upgrade on controller can be done using CLI and WebUI. Upgrade using TFTP, FTP and SCP can be performed using CLI or WebUI.  But,  WebUI supports an additional method which is preferred by most of the customer as it is easy to perform, i.e  Local File Upgrade. In this method, one just needs to browse and select the upgrade image file and the controller would take over it.  This method looks easier from user prospective but demands more memory as the controller would move the image file initially to /tmp (temporary folder) and after verification then the file is transferred to internal flash.

If a image file is 75 MB of size, then the total memory that would require to perform local file upgrade would be a total of 150 MB approximately. (75 MB in /tmp and 75 MB in internal flash)

Due to the above memory constraints, beginning in ArubaOS 6.3.1, the local file upgrade option in the 600 Series controller WebUI has been disabled.

But, upgrade using TFTP, FTP and SCP can still be performed using CLI or WebUI without any issues.


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