[8.x] Increase DHCP Lease Limit

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How to increase DHCP Lease Limits in 8.x controller architecture?


Starting from ArubaOS and above by default, the DHCP lease limits for the 7000 SeriesControllers are increased to those of the user limits. Also, a new CLI command, ip dhcp increase-lease-limit, is introduced in ArubaOS and above for additional DHCP scope.

The following table provides the changes in the DHCP lease limits for the 7000 SeriesControllers in ArubaOS as compared with those in previous releases:

The output of the show ip dhcp statistics command is enhanced to show a warning if the DHCP lease limit of a 7005, 7008, or 7010 Controller is increased beyond the user limit.

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#protip,  I seem to recall this number counts the whole subnet you have the DHCP tied to.  It isn't just the pool itself.  So if you have a /24 and only have pool of  100 DHCP address it will claim 256 from your total.