[8.x] LSM- Downloading a Service Package


How to download the service package in LSM(Loadable Service Module)?


The Loadable Service Module feature provides an infrastructure that allows users to dynamically upgrade or downgrade individual service modules without requiring an entire system reboot. Services are delivered as individual service packages containing the version and instructions for loading and running the service.

Service modules must be upgraded if there is a bug in the existing module or a newer version of the module has been released. Patches are posted to the Aruba Support site, where users can view and download packages to upgrade a service.

Downloading a Service Package:

To download a service package through the WebUI:

1. Obtain the required service package from the Aruba Support site.
2. In the Mobility Master node-hierarchy, navigate to Maintenance > Software Management > Service Module Packages in the WebUI.
3. Click the Add button at the bottom of the Service Module Packages table to add a new service package.
4. Under Add Package, select the Access method used to fetch the package

5. Click Submit to validate the package.

Use one of the following CLI commands to download a service package through an FTP, SCP, or TFTP server:

(host) [mynode] #upgrade-pkg copy ftp: <ftphost> <username> <filename> flash: <destfilename>
(host) [mynode] #upgrade-pkg copy scp: <scphost> <username> <filename> flash: <destfilename>
(host) [mynode] #upgrade-pkg copy tftp: <tftphost> <filename> flash: <destfilename>

Upon download, the Loadable Service Module performs the following compatibility checks to determine if the package is compatible with the running version of ArubaOS. If validation is successful, the installation process can continue. If validation is unsuccessful, the package is removed, and an error message appears.

  • Platform Check: Determines if the package must run on a specific platform.
  • Version Check: Determines if the package version matches the version of ArubaOS running on the system.
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