AP Console Protection


How do we avoid unauthorized person from accessing AP Console?



AP Console Protection - this feature is to enable password protection for AP console. Customers like banking, Federal department, Governments, etc, wanted to limit the access to AP Console. Therefore we have AP console protection in place starting Once this is enabled, any user who tries to console into AP has to enter the password, only after which he would gain access to AP console.  

AP console protection feature is disabled by default and needs to be enabled in AP system problem.

Support Products/Platform:

Currently this feature is supported on all operation modes, i.e. CAP, RAP and Mesh portal/point.
Following are the supported Controller and AP Model(s). 

Controller Model(s) :  6xx, MCC(3xxx), 70xx, and 72xx.
AP Model(s)                :  AP6x, AP9x, AP1xx, AP2xx and AP20x.


Web UI Configuration:



Console Output:


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