AP termination on Mobility Master is no longer supported on 8.0 and above versions.


Can APs terminated on Mobility Master or Standby?


MM (Mobility Master), including both Master and Standby can be used only for configuring and managing the devices in the cluster. No APs can be terminated on either of these Controllers at any point.


APs’ termination are only allowed on the following type of Controller running 8.0.


  • Aruba72xx and Aruba70xx Managed Devices
  • VM-Based Managed Devices
  • Aruba72xx and Aruba70xx Standalone
  • VM-Based Standalone
  • Aruba72xx and Aruba70xx Local


In 8.0 setup VRRP setup, MM IP for master-redundancy should never be configured as the APs’ master IP. ADP (Aruba Discovery Protocol) on MM is disabled by default and cannot be enabled.

In conclusion, with default setting, APs will never discover the Master or Standby MM as the Master, unless the MM’s IP is wrongly configured as the APs’ master IP using DHCP, DNS, or manually provisioned.

If a MM receives a termination request from an AP, it will generate the warning log below. There is no need to enable any logging level for this log to show up.        


“Jun 20 18:05:12 :305061:  <WARN> |stm|  sapm_proc_hello_req Ignoring the HELLO message from AP xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx. MM doesn't support AP redirect or termination.”




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