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Aruba Employee

Question- What doesAp deauth reason "APAE Disconnect"mean?

Environment- Any 802.1x SSID aruba environment


At times, it maybe noticed that clients get disconnected / don't connect to 802.1x SSID and deauth reason is "APAE Disconnect".

This article explains the reason behind the message and ways to isolate it further.

Deauth Reason
Reason           Timestamp
------           ---------
APAE Disconnect  Nov  3 12:39:48
APAE Disconnect  Nov  3 12:39:10
APAE Disconnect  Nov  3 12:38:35
APAE Disconnect  Nov  3 12:38:00
APAE Disconnect  Nov  3 12:37:25
APAE Disconnect  Nov  3 12:36:48
APAE Disconnect  Nov  3 12:36:12
APAE Disconnect  Nov  3 12:35:38
APAE Disconnect  Nov  3 12:35:03
APAE Disconnect  Nov  3 12:34:25
Num Deauths:10


Client Trail Info
MAC                BSSID              ESSID  AP-name                     VLAN  Deauth Reason    Alert
---                -----              -----  -------                     ----  -------------    -----
00:19:70:a8:0d:33  00:1a:1e:78:55:a0  lex   PLY-AP38-00:1a:1e:cf:85:5a  147   APAE Disconnect  APAE Disconnect

When a client tries to connect and 802.1x SSID and doesn't respond to EAP Request from AP, it would be reattempted as per max-requests configuration in the dot1x profile.
After these attempts, the client would be deauth'ed by the AP with Deauth Reason "APAE Disconect".
To validate this, show auth-tracebuf can be used along with show ap remote debug mgmt-frames ap-name <name>


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