APs, IAPs, and ArubaOS Versions Supporting Auto-LACP


What are the AP and IAP's that will support Auto-LCAP and in which ArubaOS version?


The following table lists the supporting access points and Mobility Access Switch- ArubaOS versions categorized by controller version.



Important Points to Remember:

The following are the important points to remember regarding Auto-LACP:

  • Auto-LACP is supported only for AP-224, AP-225, AP-274, AP-275, AP-325, and IAP-225 access points.
  • Auto-LACP is supported on S1500, S2500/S3500 Mobility Access Switch platforms.
  • All Auto-LACP port-channels share the same device group configuration for AP device type.
  • Alteration and deletion in the Auto-LACP profile is blocked.
  • The maximum number of supported port-channels on S1500 and S2500/S3500 is eight and sixty four, respectively. Auto- LACP uses the LAG IDs from these limits only.
  • Auto-LACP is functional only if device-group configuration is enabled.
  • Configuration is blocked for Auto-LACP port-channels and port members.
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