APs not coming up after enabling centralized licensing

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Question: Why APs don't come up after enabling Centralized Licensing?

Environment Information: Multi- Controller topology with Centralized Licensing enabled.

Symptoms: After enabling Centralized Licensing; APs won't come up and system log would have below message.


Sep 28 11:28:47 stm[31796]: <305036> <WARN> |stm| Adding the remote AP WAH-kxd2727 will push the AP limits over the platform limit.
Sep 28 11:28:47 stm[31796]: <305036> <WARN> |stm| Adding the remote AP WAH-LMJ0245 will push the AP limits over the platform limit.


Cause: The overall ap license limit is calculated as lowest of PEF, AP or RF Protect license. With Centralized-Licensing enabled; it's possible that one of the controller had a license which isn't present in other controller. As the licenses are shared; the overall license limits would become lowest of the three from centralized count.


Below is an example where Locals din't have RFProtect license but Master had. After enabling Centralized licensing; the overall AP capability is limited by the RFProtect license.

show ap license-usage

AP Licenses
Type Number
---- ------
AP Licenses 81
RF Protect Licenses 2
PEF Licenses 81
Overall AP License Limit 2

AP Usage
Type Count
---- -----
Active CAPs 21
Standby CAPs 0
RAPs 21
Remote-node APs 0
Tunneled nodes 0
Total APs 42

Remaining AP Capacity
Type Number
---- ------
CAPs 0
RAPs 0

Resolution: To avoid the issue; it's ideal to have same set of licenses across all controller. If a license is installed but not in use; it can be removed by using "license del <key>" command.

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