Can I have Access Points in same AP-Group but broadcast different SSIDs?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Question: Can I have Access Points in same AP-Group but broadcast different SSIDs?


Environment: This article applies to all Aruba Mobility Controllers running ArubaOS versions.


Wireless has become the prominent requirement for every business and depending on the type of environment the deployment requirements change from customer to customer.


One such requirement is to deploy APs as per different departments/locations and have them broadcast different SSIDs. Generally, we need to form different AP-Group for each AP associated with different SSID profiles. But, this increases configuration and administrative overhead for WLAN administrator.
Using AP-Specific feature in ArubaOS, this
requirement can be achieved with very less administrative overhead.


With AP-Specific feature of ArubaOS, all the APs can be in one AP-Group sharing the RF Management, AP, QOS profiles but can be configured to have different Virtual-AP profiles which inturn has different SSIDs profiles associated.


Below images shows how to add selected Virtual-AP profiles to an AP:



1. Login to Controller web interface.
2. Click on "Configuration" tab
3. Click on "AP Configuration" from the left-menu and then select "AP Specific" tab.





4. If you remember the AP name, mention it or select it from the drop-down and click on "Add"





5. Click on the ap-name that you have just added and following tree of profiles is shown below:




6. Expand the Wireless LAN category and thereby add the required VAP profile. The SSIDs mapped to this VAP-Profile are only shown on this particular AP.



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