Can I terminate non-US APs on a US controller for an international deployment?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

No.  The United States and Israel restrict the ability of Aruba controllers to manage APs outside their respective regulatory domains.  Because this restriction is enforced at the controller level, Aruba offers three different country versions of each of its controller models.  The US restricted model ends in “-US”, and the Israel restricted model ends in “-IL”.  The unrestricted controller model may be used in any other country.  For example:

•     3600-US -  Aruba 3600 Multi-Service Mobility Controller, US Restricted Regulatory Domain, 0 AP License
•     3600-IL -  Aruba 3600 Multi-Service Mobility Controller, Israel Restricted Regulatory Domain, 0 AP License
•     3600 -  Aruba 3600 Multi-Service Mobility Controller, Unrestricted Regulatory Domain, 0 AP License

When first configured, an unrestricted controller will prompt the user to set the country code of the controller.  The value entered by the user is stored in the nonvolatile memory of the controller and cannot be changed once it is entered, even by performing a “write erase all.”  Therefore, it is very important to get this question correct.

US and Israel restricted controllers do not prompt for a default country code; they are preprogrammed at the factory for their respective domains.

For customers with operations in the US and Canada, it is necessary to deploy separate controllers.   US-based APs must terminate on a US controller, and Canadian APs would terminate on an unrestricted controller.  Aruba is not allowed to ship unrestricted controllers to restricted countries.  

An unrestricted controller may terminate APs from any unrestricted country.  For example, a single unrestricted controller located in Europe can terminate APs located anywhere in Europe.  However, it is the responsibility of the network administrator to ensure that each AP complies with the local regulatory rules of the country in which it is located.

To accomplish this, Aruba recommends setting up separate AP Groups for each country where APs will be located.  Create a separate Radio Regulatory Profile for each country, and apply it to the appropriate AP Group.

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