Can a master-local configuration be deployed across international boundaries?

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Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to all ArubaOS versions (pre 5.x and post 5.x).

Do not confuse "controller master-local" with where the APs terminate (LMS) because these two are very different. A master-local configuration across international boundaries is valid.

"Unrestricted Regulatory Domain" master: A "Restricted Regulatory Domain - US" controller ignores non-US regulatory domains sent from an "unrestricted" master controller.

"Restricted Regulatory Domain" master: You can configure regulatory domain profiles for any country, even on a restricted controller. However, you cannot have them in use on a restricted controller where the country does not match. (You cannot apply these profiles to APs on that controller). So you could have a "Restricted Regulatory Domain-US" master with a regulatory domain profile configured for France and use that for APs that are on the local controller in France.

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 So a few things that are still unclear...


  • You mention that a US master controller controlling a RW controller (in France) is valid, but can US based local controller be controlled by an unrestricted (RW) master?
  • Can an unrestricted controller be deployed legally in the US if it is only a master which does not terminate APs?
  • If deploying master controllers to control local controllers globabally, what is the best choice of master controller controller hardware (US or RW)? 

Feedback greatly appreciated!

HI Friend,


In a nutshell , we can have any controller ( US restricted/ROW/Unrestricted) as a Master, country code restriction will effect only AP termination( more precisely allowed  channels in a particular country will be effected)


Ans for your questions,


1. Yes it is possible to control a US restricted local by a ROW master but we can not terminate US APs on the Master and non US APs on the local.


2. Yes we can deploy unrestricted controller in US . In US it is not allowed to broadcast SSIDs ( Wireless signal ) with other than US country code, but it doesn't matter which controller you are using.


3. If you are deploying the Master controller in US, I would prefer US restricted if you are deploying the master in other than US, I would prefer ROW 


Hope I have answered you question,


Please feel free for any further query on this.

Thanks for the response Dhanraj.


I've been speaking with an engineer who works for Aruba who has a different interpretation of the rules. According to him, the only way to have compliance is to have one master-local domain for the US and a separate one for the rest of the world. In other words, US locals must have US masters and ROW locals must have ROW masters. He cites the following paragraph as support:


As specified in Section 15.202 of the rules, master devices marketed within the United States must be limited to operation on permissible Part 15 frequencies, and such devices cannot have the ability to be configured by end users or professional installers to operate outside the authorized bands. Selecting country codes for different regulatory domains is not permitted. If the device is certified for professional installation, installers may be allowed access to configuration parameters when on site (remote access is not permitted); and only the configuration parameters identified in the equipment authorization may be configured on site. Frequency selection using country codes is not permitted.




He also makes reference to CFR 47 Part 15 Subpart C to support his argument.


From my reading I'm not seeing how this pertains to a master/local configuration. Even if you have US masters and ROW locals, the country code of the local is not inherited from the master. Furthermore, the country code of the local controller is what determines the country code of the AP.


Do you have any additional insight into this topic?


Thanks once again for the help.





That's correct. Country-Code is inherited from the terminating controller. Master-Local is only for config push.



Vijay Rajasimhan


Principal Network Engineer - Customer Advocacy

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