Can an Aruba AP-65 be converted to a sensor using RF_Protect?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to the Aruba AP-65 access point and ArubaOS versions. 

To manage the Aruba AP-65 by the RFprotect system, you have to convert the AP to a sensor. When the AP comes up, change the serverip to use the IP address of the RFprotect server. It will not serve the client, but you can use it to scan the RF environment. After the AP-65 is converted into a sensor, the RFprotect server will be able to manage the Aruba AP and it will be able to monitor the RF. 
As soon as you change the serverip to the RFprotect server IP address you will not be able to see the AP on the controller, but you can see this AP as a sensor on RFprotect server. 

Access the APboot prompt of the AP using a splitter cable (SPOE) and point the server/master IP to the RFprotect server. Now the AP will come up on the RFprotect server and download the code from the RFprotect server and work as a sensor. 

Login to the AP via a SPOE cable and enter the following configurations in the AP: 
Apboot>setenv ipaddr <ipaddress> 
Apboot>setenv netmask <mask> 
Apboot>setenv gatewayip <gateway ip> 
Apboot>setenv serverip<system ip> 
Apboot>setenv master <master ip address> 

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