Can we bring up a restricted RAP on unrestricted controller only for wired connection?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment- This article is applied on controller running 6.1 and above code

Answer- We have a limitation that the AP with country code is allowed to terminate only on to those specific country controller. If the country code APs are allowed to terminate on any other controller they would come up as AM.

On a regular AP without enabling the wired port or mapping any Virtual AP profile, the AP would remain in Inactive state
In this case the AP would come up as AM. So in case your requirement is only to use the wired port .  There could be scenarios customer wants to use AP only for wired set up and not wireless. 

For eg, RAP deployed in remote office only for plugging in wired phone to the E1 port. 

Make sure E1 is enabled
ap wired-port-profile "wiredaccessonly"
  no shutdown
Disable the radios and map it to the AP group
  #rf dot11g-radio-profile "onlywired"
  no radio-enable
  #rf dot11a-radio-profile "onlywired"
  no radio-enable

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