Can we do static configuration of mDNS records or Airgroup servers in controller?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Airgroup Allows administrator to add mDNS records for an mDNS server manually on a Controller.


This feature is supported from AOS 6.4


Environment :

Environments include cases where VLANs with the server can't be trunked to controller or Proxy Airgroup server being used which sends partial records.


Network Topology : 

Device (DLNA) --------VLAN 10 --------Switch ----------- Vlan 20 ------------ Controller -----------AP ((((( Client


The following command creates PTR record and enter into PTR prompt to allow user to add other records:
    (config) # airgroup static mdns-record ptr  <mac_addr> <mdns_id> <domain_name> <server_ipaddr> (server ip is optional)
    (config-airgroup-record) #
 The following command creates SRV record at the PTR prompt
    (config-airgroup-record) # srv <port> <priority> <weight> <host_name>
The following command creates A/AAAA record if corresponding SRV record exists, otherwise it will prompt to enter the SRV record first.
    (config-airgroup-record) #a <ipv4addr>  
    (config-airgroup-record) #aaaa <ipv6addr>
The following command creates TXT records
    (config-airgroup-record) #txt <text>



  1. Static configuration of mDNS records can be used to add cache entry for servers which are connected in VLANs that cannot be trunked to the controller.
  2. PTR, SRV, A, AAAA and TXT records can now be manually added.
  3. The records for a device can be added individually or as a group.
  4. No cache refresh will happen to update these records and these records will never expire.
  5. This feature is available for mDNS only.
  6. These records can be deleted by the administrator.
  7. Disallow-vlan policy is not applicable, remaining all other policies are applicable for statically configured devices.
  8. A statically configured device is listed as AirGroup server if PTR record is added for the device.
  9. A static device with any other record types is listed as AirGroup user.
  10. Static configuration of mDNS records can be used to add cache entry for servers which are not visible to the client.
  11. Virtual mDNS records configuration does not have UI support.
  12. Maximum server limit for each controller platform includes statically configured and dynamically learnt (mDNS+DLNA) devices.

We can use the below commands to verify statically configured Airgroup servers.

  • Show airgroup servers
  • Show airgroup cache-entries static

Debugging commands for troubleshooting Airgroup issues:

  • logging level debugging system process mdns
  • logging level debugging user process mdns
  • logging level debugging security process mdns
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Is static configuration of mDNS still possible in AOS8? If so, what would be the command because the Airgroup Static statement is not recognized.





I have tried this but cannot see the static entries in airplay even though I have used the 2 airplay service IDs


Not sure what I am doing wrong?

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