Caveats of Centralized-Image-Upgrade-6-3

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

§  All controller should be in AOS 6.3 code

§   Master controller has to be first upgraded with the 6.3.x Image

§  Configuration has to be enabled on the master controller

§  No local file upgrade possible

§  The server should be reachable for the master and local/standby controller that are specified in the target list.

§  When we initiate the upgrade from master the upgrade it will always upgrade the alternate boot partition present on the Local/Standby controllers.

§  Currently we cannot specify which boot partition to be upgraded

§  When the upgrade is initiated via server, files will not be directly upgraded to the partition; files would be downloaded to flash and then would be loaded to the partition.

§  Maximum of 100 controllers can be simultaneously upgraded

§  Auto-reboot; When “autoreboot” is enabled any configuration from the local/ standby controller should be saved since when an auto-reboot option is enabled it would reboot target controller automatically without doing “write memory”

§  Always chooses alternate boot partition of the local/standby controllers when the upgrade is initiated

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