Clearing Web-CC cache entry in the controller


How to clear the web-cc cache entry in the Aruba Controller?


We should able to see the list of the url's cached using the below command:

(Aruba)#show gsm debug channel web_cc_info

web_cc_info Channel Table
state  web_cc_md5_1          web_cc_md5_2          web_cc_reputation  web_cc_category  web_cc_url
-----  ------------          ------------          -----------------  ---------------  ----------
ACTV   2114757735396091816   197445646403465050    92                 50     


We need to use the below command to clear the cache entry. 

(Aruba)#clear web-cc cache <md5_1> <md5_2>



To clear the google's cache entry we need to execute the below command: 
(Aruba)#clear web-cc cache "2114757735396091816" "197445646403465050"

Note: We can clear the cache when the category is changed in the brightcloud website. 
If the category for any url is changed then we can clear the cache and then when the same url is accessed by the client, then the url will again get cached in the controller with the updated category.  

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