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Controller Authentication to CPPM


To download roles from the CPPM server, the Mobility Controller requires to provide the CPPM server admin credentials starting from CPPM 6.4.3.

The controller authentication to ClearPass Policy Manager (CPPM) is enhanced to use a configurable username and password instead of a support password. The support password is vulnerable to attacks as the server
certificate presented by CPPM server is not validated.


To achieve this, a new CLI command is introduced in ArubaOS Using this command,


In the WebUI:

To configure controller authentication to CPPM:
1. Navigate to Configuration > Security> Authentication> Servers.
2. Under Radius Server, select the server name.
3. Enter the cppm_username and cppm_password parameters in the CPPM credentials field.
4. Click Apply.

In the CLI:

To configure controller authentication to CPPM:
(host) (config) #aaa authentication-server radius <radius_server_name>
(host) (RADIUS Server "<radius_server_name>") #cppm username <username> password <password>


To view status of controller authenticating to CPPM:

(host) #show aaa authentication-server radius <radius_server_name>
RADIUS Server "<radius_server_name>"
Parameter Value
--------- -----
Key ********
CPPM credentials Kevin/*********
called-station-id macaddr colon disable


Verified and tested in image version.

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What benefit is there to doing this if we can simply return an Aruba user role via normal RADIUS request/response?

The benefit is that the role can be defined in ClearPass rather than defining it first in the controller and then referencing it when returning the Aruba user role. This allows for less configuration changes on controllers and provides a single view for the network administrator. No need to switch back and forth from the controller web UI and the ClearPass UI.