Controller does not respond to DNS query for "" for captive portal

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MVP Expert

Controller does not respond to DNS query for  ""  for clients connected to  captive portal  SSID.


The network is configured for external captive portal.  We are using default certificate on the controller.

So, the credentials are posted to the CN of certificate which is "".

Customer reported that after entering the credentials on captive portal page, the connection was timing out with the following reason :




The packet capture showed the following :

Controller is not responding to the DNS request for "". So DNS response comes from the actual server which says "No Such name".

Ideally, controller should have hijacked this DNS query & responded on behalf of DNS server.


The issue was due to the following misconfiguration :


(Aruba) (config) #show running-config | include "ip cp"
Building Configuration...
ip cp-redirect-address disable

In this case, cp-redirect-address was disabled which would disable automatic DNS resolution for captive portal. 

Once it was enabled, controller started responding to the DNS query for ""


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