Controller reboot due to license expiry


When does the controller reboot due to reboot cause "License Expired"


When executing "show switchinfo", we can view the last reboot reason for controller.


System Time:Fri Apr  1 09:52:11 PST 2016
Crash information available.
No kernel crash information available.
Reboot Cause: License expired (Intent:cause:register bc:86:50)


Whenever a feature non-limit license (E:g PEF-VPN) expires, controller will be forced to reboot at midnight to disable the functionality.  The reboot cause will be displayed as "License Expired"

In case of an expired AP, PEF-NG, RF-Protect license expiry, the controller will not reboot.


Show license output will display the expiry time for these licenses.


(MASTER) # show license

License Table
Key                                               Installed    Expires     Flags  Service Type
---                                               ---------    -------     -----  ------------

14QNa6Kq-p9In27LK-0WFjpAUi-dqBOvgi9-7xC7KBtG-Z0E  2016-03-11   2016-04-10   E     Next Generation Policy Enforcement Firewall Module: 10
                                                  13:17:34[2]  13:17:34
OEDpxQSx-UJEBhZG9-/Rb3rnTT-Y0IDcALe-ZPH8OTaX-1NI  2016-03-11   2016-04-10   E     Access Points: 10
                                                  13:17:45[2]  13:17:45
dMWbQ9Mh-slBO1oD9-yYrJnuts-Z6xcMDXL-PZE4RHF5-3bE  2016-03-01   2016-03-31         Policy Enforcement Firewall for VPN users
                                                  09:35:45[1]  09:35:45

License Entries: 7

Flags: A - auto-generated; E - enabled; R - reboot required to activate
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