Datapath bridge table age.


What is the age for datapath bridge table and when does Controller flushes those entries?


If Controller has to send any unicast packet to the client, it has to look-up it's bridge table entry to find the Client's mac before it can forward any packet. The age for datapath bridge table entry is 8 minutes. If no traffic received from the client(s) on Controller datapath, their entry from datapath bridge table will be cleared after 8 minutes.


Bridge table entry can be viewed from "show datapath bridge table" and to validate if there are any traffic hitting Controller's datapath, "show datapath session table <client ip>" can be used.


(Master-Controller) #show datapath  bridge table

Datapath Bridge Table Entries

Flags: P - Permanent, D - Deny, R - Roamed Client, M - Mobile, X - Xsec, A - Aut                                                                             h, T - Trusted

      MAC          VLAN  Assigned VLAN  Destination  Flags    Age
-----------------  ----  -------------  -----------  -------  ----
00:0B:86:BC:5C:A7  20    20             local        P        0
6C:F3:7F:C4:0B:68  193   193            0/0/0                 0
AC:A3:1E:C5:65:64  193   193            0/0/0                 0
00:0B:86:00:00:00  100   100            local        P        0
00:0B:86:00:00:00  50    50             local        P        0
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