Description about "show datapath vlan" command?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Question: Description about "show datapath vlan" command?


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Datapath supports 4k layer 2 VLANs on all the controllers.

This command shows the VLAN configurations i.e. NATTING, Multicasting, Routing, Snoop/Proxy IGMP, BCMC Opt, Proxy ARP, Suppress ARP etc.

All these configurations are displayed using "Flags" and it also displays which VLAN is mapped to which physical ports.




We do have command "show vlan" and "show vlan status" but these doesn't show Layer 2 details.






With correlate with "show datapath vlan" we can also check "show interface vlan 1" which also display the configurations; along with interface Up time and Interface Address.





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