Description about "show iostat" command?

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Question: Description about "show iostat" command?


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IOSTAT means input/output statistics

This command reports Central Processing Unit (CPU) statistics and input/output statistics for devices and partitions.

Use this command to send to Aruba Technical Support (This is part of controller "tech-support" logs) if you are experiencing errors with the flash card or configuration tasks that are not able to be saved.




cpu  xxxx x xxxx xxxxxxx

The number of jiffies (1/100ths of a second) that the system spent in user mode, user mode with low priority (nice), system mode, and the idle task, respectively.

intr xxxxxxx

The number of interrupts received from the system boot.

ctxt xxxxxxx

The number of context switches that the system underwent.

btime xxxxxxxxxxx

The boot time, in seconds since the epoch (January 1, 1970).
1410061511 = 44.6 Years

processes xxxxx

Number of forks since boot.

procs_running x

Number of processes are running

procs_blocked 0

Number of processes are blocked by nanny

NOTE: Based on Aruba OS and hardware, this command output may vary and you might see below as well:

swap x x

The number of swap pages that have been brought in and out.

disk_io: (x,y):(xx,xx,xxxx,x,x)

(major,minor):(noinfo, read_io_ops, blks_read, write_io_ops, blks_written)

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