Description about "show storage" command?

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Question: Description about "show storage" command?


Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba Product and Software

This CLI command shows the amount of space in MB is left on the compact flash card in the Aruba Controller. Please make sure to remove unnecessary files with the CLI command “delete <filename>” in your “/flash” directory (or Filesystem /dev/hda3 ) if the “Available” space gets down to 8 MB. The files can be viewed in the Aruba Controller’s  “/flash” directory via the CLI command “dir”.
Suggested Monitoring Threshold Alarms:
CRITICAL: 2 MB  Available
MAJOR: 5 MB Available

MINOR: 8 MB Available




/flash is where to monitor free space.




Below is how we can delete file using "#delete filename" command





Below we can see "Available" has increased to 295.4M





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