Do our AP's support PoE classification?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Before turn on power to an access point (PD device), the POE switch  (PSE) will generate detection and classification phases to make sure the access points is PoE compliance. 

All of our current APs are hardware set to return Class 0 during classification phase. The POE switch uses this information for PoE power management. 

Class Usage PD Power 
0 Default 0.44 - 12.95 W 
1 Optional 0.44 - 3.84W 
2 Optional 3.84 - 6.49W 
3 Optional 6.4 - 12.95W 

Note: To be fully accurate IEEE 802.3AF does not _require_ classification on the PoE switch (PSE) end and our current PoE switch products do not do it for a variety of reasons.

The resolution of classification isn't granular enough to be of much use to the PoE switch in allocating power.

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