Do we have management interface on Aruba controllers?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : This article applies to all Aruba Controllers and AOS Platforms.


Yes, we do have management interface to access the Aruba devices, Device management can either be done through out-of-band management ports or In-band management Ports.

Out-of-band management involves the use of a dedicated management channel for device maintenance. By contrast, in-band management is the use of regular data channels (usually through Ethernet) to manage devices. 

A significant limitation of in-band management is its vulnerability to problems from the very devices that are being managed and only works after the system has been booted. When in-band network management paths are unable to provide network administrators with the necessary means to management Aruba controllers, an out-of-band network management strategy is a valuable addition.

The Management interface on Aruba Controllers are either mUSB/RJ45 console port or a dedicated RJ45 fast Ethernet port depending on the controller platform.

Only Aruba M3 modules installed on 6000 series controllers have a dedicated RJ45 management port, all other controllers                  ( 200,800,2000,3000, 5000 and 7000 series) only have a mUSB/RJ45 console port for management access.

Having only a mUSB/RJ45 console port for management access on certain platforms is due to the fact that console servers are now a comprehensive tool to allow network administrators to access multiple out-of-band management ports when there are large populations of network elements in the site.

Also the management IP interface on a M3 module does not participate in the normal AOS routing and packet forwarding processes . You cannot set a default Gateway (or any routes) for it to forward packets differently than the controller. It is completely isolated from the other IP interfaces and is used for L2 WebUI/SSH access to the controller when not accessible via the normal ip interfaces.It is generally used to pre-configure controllers prior to connecting it to the production network and for access to the controller via WebUI when it is unreachable.

It can very well be considered as a direct attached WebUI console port.


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