Do wired clients using Lync show up on voice client table on controller?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment- Typical environment of using Lync both wired and wireless in a enterprise network

Answer-Yes; Wired clients on a different VLAN allowed on the controller trunk using Lync call or session also shows up on voice client status table when one of the below behavior is met.
Functionality and reason behind it:

  • Lync SDN API provides an interface to the Aruba Mobility Controller to access Lync network diagnostic information about Lync voice and video calls, desktop sharing and file-transfer.
  • The Aruba Mobility Controller uses this diagnostics data to prioritize the Lync traffic and to provide visibility into usage of Lync applications on the network. Interface between Lync server and web server is via HTTPS/HTTP (XML) message.
  • Since LDL(Lync dialogue listener) send the signalling to the LSM(Lync SDN manager), in turn LSM sends out the call information to the Aruba controller as configured.

Below is the type of communication channels happens between the Lync clients. we check if one of the client is a wireless one getting service from the current controller.
if that is true, we display the other leg of the call as well there are 3 possibilities

  1. other end is wireless on the same controller  we check if one of the client is a wireless one getting service from the current controller.
  2. other end is wireless on a different controller  if the case it is treated as a wired client.
  3. other end is wired in all 3 cases we display the info for the other end.

Few commands to verify the info:
Show voice client-status
Show app lync  tracebuf
Show app lync client-status
Show app lync call-quality
Show app lync call-cdrs
Show app lync statistics
Commands to enable debugging on controller:
logging level debugging user
logging level debugging user process stm
logging level debugging user process stm subcat all



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