Does AP 220 series support LACP?

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AP-220 Series access points support link aggregation using either standard port-channel (configuration based) or Link Aggregation Control Protocol (protocol signaling based). AP-220 Series access points can optionally be deployed with LACP configuration to benefit from the higher (greater than 1 Gbps) aggregate throughput capabilities of the two radios. 

LACP in AP 220 series is introduced in 6.3.1.x because of 802.11 ac. 


To enable and configure LACP on AP-220 Series access points configure the LMS IP parameter and the GRE Striping IP parameter in the AP System profile. The GRE Striping IP value must be an IPv4 address owned by the controller that has the specified LMS IP. The GRE Striping IP does not belong to any physical or virtual interface on the controller but the controller can transmit or receive packets using this IP


The minimum requirement for ap 220s to support LACP is :- 


Switch port where AP should be plugged in should support minimum speed of 1 Gbps. 


The switch port should be in “active – active” lacp mode. 


We need to configure LMS ip and GRE striping IP under ap system profile” and both AP’s E0 and E1 ports should be in “up” state. 


GRE striping ip : 


It should be a Virtual ip which should not exist anywhere in network and its last bit should be different than that of the LMS IP address from the same subnet. Recommended value is LMS_IP+1.


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