Does Aruba support Kerberos authentication?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba controllers that run ArubaOS 5.0.x.x and later.


Yes, Aruba does support Kerberos authentication from ArubaOS 5.0.


This feature can be configured only through the CLI. These new CLI commands are included:


(Aruba) (config) #aaa authentication stateful-kerberos <profile-name>

(Aruba) (config-role) #stateful-kerberos <profile-name>


To enable Kerberos authentication, open the CLI on your controller and follow these steps:


1) Create a Windows server.


(Aruba) (config) #aaa authentication-server windows <server-name>

(Aruba) (Windows Server "<server-name>") #host <ip-addr>

(Aruba) (Windows Server "<server-name>") #enable


2) Create a server group and assign the Windows server to this group.


(Aruba) (config) #aaa server-group <server-group-name>

(Aruba) (Server Group "<server-group-name>") #auth-server <server-name>


3) Create a Kerberos authentication profile. Then associate the server group and the default Kerberos authentication successful role.


(Aruba) (config) #aaa authentication stateful-kerberos <profile-name>

(Aruba) (Stateful Kerberos Authentication Profile "<profile-name>") #server-group <server-group-name>

(Aruba) (Stateful Kerberos Authentication Profile "<profile-name>") #default-role authenticated


4) Link the Kerberos profile to a user role.


(Aruba) (config) #user-role <user-role>

(Aruba) (config-role) #stateful-kerberos <profile-name>

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