Does Campus AP whitelist entry have AP-Group or AP-Name fields ?

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Does CAP whitelist entry has AP-Group or AP-Name fields ?


Prior to 6.4.3, CAP (Campus Access point) whitelist didn’t have the ap-group or ap-name to use as a backup whitelist entry and only mac address and a few other fields for the backup field. In 6.4.3, there have been enhancements made to add ap-group or ap-name similar to RAP whitelist. 

Once the user adds or modifies the whitelist entry, with the ap-name or the ap-group, the changes will not take effect until the AP reboots and comes up. If the AP is already up on the controller, the user will have to do a manual reboot for these changes to take effect.

Screenshots have been attached on how to add/modify CAP whitelist entries through CLI and WEBUI.

Modify WEBUI.png
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