Does High Availability (HA) feature support bridge mode?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : This Article applies to Aruba OS and above.


Prior to Aruba OS, High Availability feature is supported only with tunnel & De-tunnel forward modes.

Starting from, the High Availability feature support is extended to standard bridge VAP on Campus APs.

With the standard bridge mode, All the APs will be marked for Inter-controller heartbeat including those with bridge Virtual AP's and All the bridge VAP tunnels are considered for the computation of  oversubscription of the APs on the standby controller.

If state synchronization knob is enabled, PMK and key cache will be synced between Active and Standby controllers for dot1x bridge clients as well. Full dot1x will not take place for bridge clients on the HA failover from Active to Standby controller.


1. HA is not supported for Remote APs.
2. Bridge Mode HA is supported only on 72xx  platforms.

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