Does VIA support smartcard-based authentication on macOS?



Does VIA support smartcard-based authentication on macOS?


Yes. Starting from VIA Version 3.1.1, we do support smartcard-based authentication in macOS.

From VIA 3.1.1 Mac Edition, we support two-factor authentication using a smart card that requires a user to submit a unique token and a PIN. The smart card certificate can also be used to download a certificate-based VIA profile.

Installing Smartcard with VIA:

  1. Install the software drivers for the smartcard on the macOS client.
  2. Use the smart card software utility to install certificates onto the smart card. VIA does not support certificate import to the smart card.
  3. Download a certificate-based VIA authentication profile on the macOS client.
  4. Open VIA and click Connect.
  5. The certificate dialogue lists the certificates on the smart card along in addition to the other certificates in the login and system stores.
  6. When VIA displays the message Please Enter PIN, enter the smartcard PIN then click OK.
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