Does captiveportal whitelist feature works for IPv6 clients?


Does captiveportal whitelist feature works for IPv6 clients?


Prior to 6.5 code, captive portal whitelisting only works for hosts that return IPv4 A records in DNS.  

From 6.5 version, admin can add an IPv6 netdestination with the domain name that is to be whitelisted, and specify this destination as whitelist in captive portal profile.

With this both v4 and v6 addresses corresponding to domain names will be learned and stored in the DNS table. 

Traffic destined to these addresses will then be permitted by the whitelist ACL.

CLI Config:


“name” option is added to netdestination6


(Aruba) (config) #netdestination6 v6whitelist

(Aruba) (config-dest) #name


Show netdestination displays the configured value and Id will be shown in the “IP addr” column as a  v4 or v6 address depending on the type of destination


(Aruba) (config) #show netdestination ipv6 v6whitelist

Name: v6whitelist

Position  Type  IP addr  Mask-Len/Range

--------  ----  -------  --------------

1         name  ::b







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