Does the Aruba controller support subscription based license?


Does the Aruba controller support subscription based license?


Prior to 6.5, Aruba controller will support only permanent license. Startinng from 6.5 code, controller supports permanent license and subscription based license.

Below given are the few condition and use-case,

  • we support subscription based license only for WebCC.
  • We also have Webcc eval license which valid for 30 days similar to other eval license like (AP,PEFNG etc).
  • Subscription timer period starts from the time license key is generated from the LMS site.
  • Reboot requires after installing the webcc license for first instance and reload doesn’t require for next instance onwards of webcc license install.
  • Webcc related config only populates after installing the license.
  • Every subscription license which customer buys will be valid only for a specific time period. Once that     time period expires, the license will be marked disabled.
  • No explicit mechanism of license renewal. To renew a license, customer need to buy another license to use Webcc feature.
  • To have uninterrupted services, customer are expected to renew license before the expiry.
  • Also 120 days, grace period will be given with each license to facilitate customer to have some time to renew the license.
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