Enabling or Disabling the Hard Limit Parameter in Traffic Management Profile


How to Enable or Disable the Hard Limit Parameter in Traffic Management Profile?


The current bandwidth allocation mechanism is only activated when the bandwidth is completely saturated.  In case if we wants to restrict the OTA bandwidth to the configured percentage on a given SSID even when the bandwidth is not saturated.

The OTA bandwidth allocation improvement will restrict the OTA traffic bandwidth of a given SSID to its configured percentage allocation.  This will be achieved by adding a configuration knob that allows for the quota to be a hard limit independent of whether the bandwidth is saturated or not.

We can configure the limit on OTA bandwidth for a virtual AP by enabling or disabling the hard-limit parameter in the Traffic management profile.

Using the WebUI:
The following procedure configures the Hard Limit parameter in Traffic management profile:
1. Navigate to the Configuration > Advanced Services > All Profiles page.
2. Under QOS > Traffic management on the Profiles pane, select the profile name.
3. Under the Advanced tab on the Profile Details pane, select the Proportional BW Allocation parameter and follow the steps given in the Table 79.
4. Click Apply.

Using the CLI:
You can view the Traffic management profile using the following command:

(host)(config) #wlan traffic-management-profile default

The following example sets a hard bandwidth limit of 15% for the default virtual-ap under the traffic management profile:

(host)(Traffic management profile "default") #bw-alloc virtual-ap default share 15 enforcement hard

hard   --> Restrictions will be enforced all the time including when bandwidth is not saturated.
soft ---> Restrictions will only be enforced when bandwidth is saturated.

A CLI command (bw-alloc virtual-ap <virtual-ap> share <share> [enforcement <hard-limit>]) has been modified to set the hard-limit knob:

•           The knob is enabled when enforcement is set to hard.

•           The knob is disabled when enforcement is set to soft.

The enforcement is optional, default mode is kept as “disabled” similar to the existing cli.



(Aruba3600) (Traffic management profile "default") #bw-alloc virtual-ap default share 15 enforcement hard

(Aruba3600) (Traffic management profile "default") #show wlan traffic-management-profile default


Traffic management profile "default"


Parameter                   Value

---------                   -----

Station Shaping Policy      fair-access

Proportional BW Allocation  default 15% hard

Report interval             5 min


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