Enabling portfast in 8.0


Enabling portfast for APs with ethernet ports for wired client support.


A new parameter is introduced to enable PortFast/PortFast on Trunk to reduce the time taken for wired clients connected to an AP to detect the link before they send data traffic. The PortFast feature is introduced to avoid network connectivity issues. These issues are caused by delays in STP enabled ports moving from blocking-state to forwarding-state after transitioning from the listening and learning states. STP enabled ports that are connected to devices such as a single switch, workstation, or a server can access the network only after passing all these STP states. Some applications need to connect to the network immediately, else they will timeout.
Spanning Tree should be enabled on the access point before enabling PortFast. If PortFast is configured, it is enabled only on access mode ports and if PortFast-Trunk is configured, it is enabled on trunk-mode ports only. Only one of them can be set based on the port’s switchport mode.



Enabling PortFast on an Access Port:

Execute the following commands in config mode to enable PortFast on an access port:

(Aruba-MM) [mynode] (config) #ap wired-port-profile "default"
(Aruba-MM) [mynode] (AP wired port profile "default") #portfast


Enabling PortFast On a Trunk Port:

Execute the following commands in config mode to enable PortFast on a trunk port:

(Aruba-MM) [mynode](config) #ap wired-port-profile "default"
(Aruba-MM) [mynode] (AP wired port profile "default") #portfast-trunk


Web UI Configuration:



Note : Ensure to enable STP in the wired port profile before enabling Portfast.



PortFast configuration is part of Wired port profile. Executing below show command would help verify the status of portfast command.


(Aruba-MM) [mynode] (config) #show ap wired-port-profile default

AP wired port profile "default"
Parameter                                   Value
---------                                   -----
Wired AP profile                            default
Ethernet interface link profile             default
AP LLDP profile                             default
Shut down                                   No
Remote-AP Backup                            Enabled
AAA Profile                                 N/A
Bridge Role                                 N/A
Time to wait for authentication to succeed  20 sec
Spanning Tree                               Enabled
Portfast                                    Enabled      ----> In this test case, AP port was access so portfast was enabled for access port.
Portfast on trunk                           Disabled
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