From which AOS version is DLNA discovery supported? Are there any differences in services offered compared to mDNS supported?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : 


AOS 6.4 

Device (DLNA) --------VLAN 10 --------Switch ============ Controller -----------AP ((((( Client


1) In AOS 6.4, AirGroup extends support for DLNA in addition to existing support for mDNS.
2) All the features supported for mDNS are supported for DLNA as well.
3) DLNA clients can now discover servers across VLANs.
4) All AirGroup based policies and multi-controller topology are supported for  DLNA as well.
5) Cache refresh mechanism is not done for DLNA devices unlike mDNS. This is because the DLNA devices advertise their service periodically.
6) AirGroup global credits for processing requests and responses will be shared between DLNA and mDNS
7) Maximum number of AirGroup servers and users supported includes mDNS as well as DLNA devices.
8) Maximum number of AirGroup servers and users supported per platform still remains the same as earlier.

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