How are R values calculated on Aruba controllers?

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Product and Software: This article applies to all ArubaOS and controllers with the VOICE license.


R-value is a number, or score, that is used to quantitatively express the subjective quality of speech in communications systems. R-value is used especially in digital networks that carry voice over IP (VoIP) traffic, or for which VoIP service is under consideration. The R-value score, which is used in conjunction with voice testing processes, can range from 1 (worst) to 100 (best), and is based on the percentage of users who are satisfied with the quality of a test voice signal after it has passed through a network from a source (transmitter) to a destination (receiver).
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The output of the ‘show voice call-quality’ command shows the R Value count as Zero:
(desrmca0001) # show voice call-quality  

Voice Client(s) Call Quality Reports
AP Name                 BSSID              ESSID       Client(MAC)        Client(IP)    Client(Name)  Orig Time        Dir  Number                                  Dur  Codec  Delay  Jitter  Pkt Loss  R-Value  Band  ALG
-------                 -----              -----       -----------        ----------    ------------  ---------        ---  ------                                  ---  -----  -----  ------  --------  -------  ----  ---
desrapa0192-SR7-E-097   00:1a:1e:13:8a:c0  it4u-phone  00:01:e3:fa:65:f7  sip:795       Sep 24 10:41:25  IC   From: sip:0091171419508@  60   G711   0.000  0.000   0.000     0        RED   sip
desrapa0049-VW1OG-363   00:1a:1e:94:1b:42  it4u-phone  00:01:e3:fa:5e:39  sip:796       Sep 24 10:37:51  IC   From: sip:0091171419508@  163  G711   0.000  0.000   0.000     0        RED   sip
desrapa0192-SR7-E-097   00:1a:1e:13:8a:c0  it4u-phone  00:01:e3:fa:65:f7  sip:795       Sep 24 10:39:16  IC   From: sip:009604914325@  38   G711   0.000  0.000   0.000     0        RED   sip
desrapa0120-SR3-205     00:1a:1e:94:1b:c1  it4u-phone  00:01:e3:fa:65:f7  sip:795       Sep 24 10:23:36  OG   To: sip:0091171419519@      173  G711   0.000  0.000   0.000     0        RED   sip
desrapa0064-Konf-371    00:1a:1e:94:40:82  it4u-phone  00:01:e3:fa:5e:39  sip:796       Sep 24 10:07:14  IC   From: sip:009117141384@  448  G711   0.000  0.000   0.000     0        RED   sip
desrapa0120-SR3-205     00:1a:1e:94:1b:c1  it4u-phone  00:01:e3:fa:65:f7  sip:795       Sep 24 10:11:11  OG   To: sip:0091171419508@      154  G711   0.000  0.000   0.000     0        RED   sip

Here is how the R-value works:

1)    The phone records how many packets it has received and sent. The phone periodically sends this report to the PBX and the PBX does the same thing.

2)    We listen for and intercept this information and then calculate the R-value.


Both phones must support RTCP.

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