How can I verify that an upgrade file or software patch is good before I upgrade the controller?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to all ArubaOS and AirWave versions.

Everyone downloads upgrade files and software patches. Sometimes the file or patch is corrupt in some way.

When you try to upload the file, your Aruba controller checks the file and reports that the integrity check has failed.

What if you could check the file before you upload it? It would be good to avoid an upload that fails over a WAN link, or installing it after you download a 350 MB AirWave patch.


The md5 sum checksum helps in this situation. Every release of ArubaOS 5.0 (and AirWave) have an md5 sum that is calculated and displayed on the website. In ArubaOS, it is in a file called "md5sum.txt" that is in the folder of the files you download. You can run an md5 sum against your downloaded file on your local computer and compare it against the md5sum on the website to ensure that you have a good copy of the code.


For MAC OSX and Linux, run an md5 check by just typing "md5 <filename>" in the terminal for the file you downloaded.


For Windows, search for "Microsoft Windows md5 checksum". A number of utilities are available that you can download that will check the md5 sum.

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