How can we allow idle voip clients to associate in ArubaOS and above?



How to allow the client to associate when the Peak Capacity Threshold (PCT) is reached ?


Starting from ArubaOS, idle Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) clients can associate with access points when the Call Handoff Reservation (CHR) limit or Peak Capacity Threshold (PCT) is reached. This setting appears in the controller CLI and WebUI. 

In the CLI

A new allow-idle-voip-client parameter is introduced in the wlan voip-cac-profile command. By default, the allow-idle-voip-client parameter is disabled.

wlan voip-cac-profile

The following new parameter is introduced in the wlan voip-cac-profile command:

allow-idle-voip-client  -- Enable/Disable idle VoIP clients to associate after CHR limit or PCT is reached. By default Disabled.


In the WebUI:

A new Allow Idle VOIP Client parameter is introduced in VoIP Call Admission Control Profile. To configure the Allow Idle VOIP Client parameter:
1. Navigate to Configuration > Wireless > AP Configuration.
2. Select a profile under AP Group.
3. Select QoS > VoIP Call Admission Control under Profiles
4. Select Advanced under Profile Details.
5. Select Allow Idle VOIP Client parameter.
6. Click Apply.


Via CLI:

(Aruba7010) (VoIP Call Admission Control profile "default") #?
allow-idle-voip-client  Allow idle voip clients to associate even after PCT or CHR limit is exceeded. Default disable.




(Aruba7010) #show wlan  voip-cac-profile default

VoIP Call Admission Control profile "default"
Parameter                                           Value
---------                                           -----
VoIP Call Admission Control                         Disabled
VoIP Bandwidth based CAC                            Disabled
VoIP Call Capacity                                  10
VoIP Bandwidth Capacity (kbps)                      2000
VoIP Call Handoff Reservation                       20 %
VoIP Send SIP 100 Trying                            Disabled
VoIP Disconnect Extra Call                          Disabled
VOIP TSPEC Enforcement                              Disabled
VOIP TSPEC Enforcement Period                       1 sec
VoIP Drop SIP Invite and send status code (client)  486
VoIP Drop SIP Invite and send status code (server)  486
Allow Idle VOIP Client                              Enabled

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