How can we find the number of sensors to be deployed in a network?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to all RFprotect versions.


Based on RFprotect development, many factors are involved when trying to determine the total number of sensors supported by RFprotect. The information below should be used simply as a guide.


Factors Involved in Deploying Sensors


Density of wireless environment: If the customer environment contains many APs and wireless clients, the total number of sensors will be less than if you have a large number of sensors seeing nearly nothing. Our sweet spot is around 250 sensors and we've successfully deployed up to 500.


Disk speed: For the 250-500 sensor deployment range, you want as fast a disk as you can buy. Good progress has been made in taking advantage of 2-4 CPU systems so that can also help. RAM is less of an issue. We recommend a quad core 2.4+ Ghz CPU, 2G of RAM, and a 15,000RPM disk.


Hardware requirements: For large number of sensor deployments, customers may need a high-end database server to run Firebird with the high-speed connection server to run the engine. It is better to run the Firebird and engine on separate boxes.

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