How custom captive portal works in 8.x deployments?

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How custom captive portal works in 8.x deployments?


In 6.x deployments, custom captive portal customization is done on the master controller and gets pushed to the local controllers when we perform "Write Memory" in CLI and "save configuration" in webUI. 


However in 8.x deployments, When customization is done on the webUI for a captive portal profile, the upload_sync_mgr on MM generates a command that looks like this


"sync-files /flash/upload/custom/PARK1 command-index 32"

When this command reaches the MD, upload_sync_mgr uses "rsync" to download the folder from "/flash/upload/custom/<cp-profile-name>"


MM Logs showing "sync-files" command executed successfully after executing the below command

"sync-files /flash/upload/custom/PARK1 under the problematic MD's node path.

Jan 21 07:22:21 cli[3421]: USER:mep32@ NODE:"/md/MFG/KR/PARK1/00:1c:1f:12:a2:22" COMMAND:<sync-files /flash/upload/custom/PARK1 command-index 873> – command executed successfully 


MD Logs showing "upload_sync_mgr" downloading the folder from MM

Jan 22 14:03:12 upload_sync_mgr[2314]: <398002> <2314> <DBUG> |upload_sync_mgr| handle_cli_upload_sync_files, Received sync for folder /flash/upload/custom/PARK1 for cp profile PARK1

Jan 22 14:03:48 upload_sync_mgr[2314]: <398002> <2314> <DBUG> |upload_sync_mgr| handle_cli_upload_sync_files, Downloading upload_sync_mgr/upload/custom/PARK1

Jan 22 14:04:12  upload_sync_mgr[2314]: <398002> <2314> <DBUG> |upload_sync_mgr| handle_cli_upload_sync_files, Files synced successfully from to folder /flash/upload/custom/


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