How do I SOE into a switch using SSH?

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Product and Software: This applies to all ArubaOS versions.




In addition to Telnet, you can connect to switch to access a directly connected AP via Serial over Ethernet (SOE) using SSH. This is more secure than enabling "telnet soe" on the switch.


SSH to the switch and use the username "serial" and the admin password. You are prompted for a second login. This is your admin username (not "serial") and password. When on the soe> prompt, you can connect to a directly connected AP using the 'connect' command.






1) Connect to the switch using the username "serial".


login as: serial


serial@'s password:


Entering character mode
Escape character is '^]'.


2) When prompted, enter a second login.


User: admin
Password: *****
Available commands:
baud [9600|19200|38400|57600|115200]
connect <slot/port>
exit (no args)


3) Connect to the AP.


soe> connect 2/0


~ #


4) To disconnect, type "~".


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