How do I add multiple users at a time to the internal-db using the CLI?

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Introduction :


The Aruba OS software allows you to use an external authentication server or the controller internal user database to authenticate clients who need to access the wireless network.
You can create entries in the controller’s internal database, to use to authenticate clients. The internal database contains a list of clients along with the password and default role for each client. When you configure the internal database as an authentication server, client information in incoming authentication requests is checked against the internal database.
Configuring the Internal Database:
By default, the internal database in the master controller is used for authentication. You can choose to use the internal database in a local controller by entering the CLI command aaa authentication-server internal uselocal- switch. If you use the internal database in a local controller, you need to add clients on the local controller.



Feature Notes : Adding multiple users to the internal-db:

Yes, you can add multiple users at a time to the internal-db using the CLI. You can use WebUI to add users to the internal-db, but you can add only one user at a time.


Configuration Steps

To add multiple users at a time to the internal-db using the CLI, follow these steps:
1)  Open a notepad or spreadsheet and fill in these details in this format:
local-userdb add username "username" password "password"
local-userdb add username "username" password "password"
2)  Copy the details, open a CLI, paste it in the enable mode, and press Enter.
3)  Verify it by issuing this command:
show local-userdb

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Thanks for this but how can I add a command to disable the account for a specific date and time? Let's say March 1, 2017 at 17:00. 


Is there a way to assign a role to the user as well?