How do I check the client authentication state, role, and VLAN assignment?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba controllers and ArubaOS 2.5 and later.


To check the client or station authentication state information such as ESSID, VLAN assignment, role assignment, method and authentication server used, type the following command from the command line interface:


show aaa state station <client MAC address>




(Lab) #show aaa state station 00:18:de:8a:xx:xx


Association count = 1, User count = 1 

User list = 10.168.xx.xx


essid: STU2-WPA2AES, bssid: 00:0b:86:da:xx:xx AP name/group: ecs-70/STU2 PHY: b, ingress=0x1048 (tunnel 8)  vlan default: 451, assigned: 0, current: 451 cached: 0, user derived: 0  name: bbb, role:authenticated (default:logon, cached:authenticated, dot1x:n/a), acl:36/0, age: 00:00:09  Authentication: Yes, status: successful, method: 802.1x, protocol: EAP-PEAP, server: win2k  dot1xctx:1 sap:1  Flags: mba=0  AAA prof: STU2-WPA2AES, Auth dot1x prof: STU2-WPA2AES, AAA mac prof: , def role: logon  ncfg flags udr 0, radacct 0, mac 0, dot1x 1  Born: 1200598776 (Thu Jan 17 11:39:36 2008)

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how would you do this in gui?

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