How do I configure a switch to get IP address dynamically using PPPoE?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to Aruba OS 3.1 and later.

Small branch offices that have a DSL or other broadband connections that use PPPoE can connect an Aruba switch directly to their DSL modem or cable modem and have it authenticate with the service provider and dynamically get the IP address.

To configure a switch to get IP address dynamically using PPPoE, follow these steps:

1) Configure the VLAN interface to get the IP address from PPPoE.

From CLI:

ip address pppoe


(wlsw2h) (config) #interface vlan 100
(wlsw2h) (config-subif)#ip address pppoe

From WebUI:

Navigate to Configuration > Network > IP > edit VLAN and select Obtain IP Address with PPPoE. (Refer to the screenshot in step 2.)

2) Configure the PPPoE information.

From CLI:

Configure the PPPoE service name.

ip pppoe-service-name <service_name>


(wlsw2h) (config) #ip pppoe-service-name ATT

Configure the PPPoE username.

ip pppoe-username <pppoe_user_name>


(wlsw2h) (config) #ip pppoe-username

Configure the PPPoE password.

ip pppoe-password <pppoe_password>


(wlsw2h) (config) #ip pppoe-password password123


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