How do I configure an AP to work on a single radio or RF band?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba controllers that run ArubaOS 3.x or later.


To configure an AP to work only on a single radio at a time (either 'a' or 'b/g'), follow these steps from the WebUI or the CLI.

Note: This configuration is applied on a per virtual AP (VAP) basis. If you are using dual-band APs like AP-65, you can make one VAP work in a radio and the other in b/g radio.

Using the WebUI


1) Navigate to Configuration > AP Configuration > Virtual AP > Allowed band.


2) Select a or g. All means that the SSID will be broadcasted by both radios.


3) Navigate to Configuration > AP Configuration > AP system profile > RF Band.


4) Select a or g.




Using the CLI


(Aruba) (config) #wlan virtual-ap default
(Aruba) (Virtual AP profile "default") #allowed-band ?
a 802.11a only
all Applies to all bands
g 802.11g only

(Aruba) (config) #ap system-profile default

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