How do I configure point-to-point bridge link using AP80SB or AP80MB?

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Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to AP80SB and AP80MB access points on ArubaOS 2.0.2 and later.


AP80MB and AP80SB are dual radio 802.11 a/b/g outdoor Access Points (APs) use to build a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint wireless data bridge between two physical locations.


AP80MB and AP80SB use stand-alone software to manage and monitor the device. AP80SB has an 802.11a antenna built in.


To configure a point-to-point wireless data bridge between two AP80 wireless access points using radio A interface and WPA AES Preshare key, follow these steps:


1. Login to the local AP80MB/SB. The default IP address is and the default username is admin without password.

2. Click TCP/IP settings. Enter the IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway. You will need to reconnect after the IP address is changed.

3. Login to the remote AP80SB/MB and repeat step 2. Both AP80MB/SB will be in the same IP subnet.

4. On the local and remote AP80SB/MB, click AP Status, and record the Radio A MAC Address.

5. On the local AP80MB/SB, click WDS, and on the Bridge Role, select Root Bridge.

a. For the Bridge Child, enter the remote AP80SB/MB radio A MAC Address, and click Apply.

b. Click RSSI, and for 802.11a Interface, RSSI Output Activate, select Enable. For Port Number, select 1. For 11a Distance, enter the distance between the two access points. Click Apply.

c. Under RADIO INTERFACE A, click Radio Settings.

d. Select the Radio channel and disable the Auto Channel Select option. Note that the remote AP80MB/SB will need to use the same channel. Click Apply.

e. Under RADIO INTERFACE A, click Security. For VAP0, enter the SSID and click Apply. Note the same SSID has to be configured on the remote AP80MB/SB.

f. Under RADIO INTERFACE A, click Security. For VAP0, click More.

g. For Encryption, select Enable. For Authentication Setup, select WPA2-PSK. For WPA Pre-Shared Key, select Passphrase, enter the preshare key, and click Apply.


6. On the remote AP80MB/SB, click WDS, and on the Bridge Role, select Bridge.

a. On the Bridge Parent, enter the local AP80MB/SB Radio A MAC address, and for Master/Slave Mode, select slave and click Apply.

b. Repeat the step 5b to 5g.

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