How do I configure static IP on the RAP-5?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Question:  How do I configure static IP on the RAP-5?


Product and Software: This article applies to ArubaOS 5.0 and later.

Use the interface to set a static IP address on the RAP-5. For this feature, you need a RAP-5 that runs ArubaOS 5.x or later provisioning image.

ArubaOS 5.x provides an Advanced tab that enables you to set parameters such as static IP address directly on the RAP-5 via the rapconsole interface. You can also use the "IP address of the Master Controller" window, which is available in all versions of ArubaOS.






Enter these details:

  • IP address (required)
  • Network mask (required)
  • Default gateway (required)
  • Primary DNS server IP (optional)
  • Domain name (optional)

Click Save to save and apply the settings.

You can now enter the master controller or configure other advanced settings.

Click Clear at any time to clear these fields.

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