How do I configure the source interface for a Radius server?

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Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to ArubaOS 3.x and higher.


By default all radius requests use the outgoing VLAN IP address as the source address. This can be changed using the 'ip radius source-interface <loopback / vlan>' command.


This command is a global command and it will change source interface for all Radius servers configured.




Configuring the switch to use loopback as the source address:


(Aruba2400-M) (config) #ip radius source-interface loopback


Configuring the switch to use VLAN as the source address:


(Aruba2400-M) (config) #ip radius source-interface vlan 89


This option is also configurable from WebUI. Browse to Configuration > Security > Authentication, and click Advanced Tab in window on right. Under 'Radius client' there is an option to configure source interface as shown in the following screen.




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What if the Server-specific setting is blank, and also the global RADIUS source ip address are blank?  If i do a show ip radius source-interface it shows  The reality is the source of the radius is going out a vlan that is not the controller ip, but rather the same subnet the clearpass is on.

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